Why is it important

Using a Train the Trainer approach for large scale leadership and transformation programmes can offer a more cost effective solution than fully externally facilitated programmes.

A well designed and supported Train the Trainer approach empowers the organisation to better lead itself by breaking down barriers between leaders and their people as they show up in a different role, leveraging institutional knowledge and contextual understanding.  This approach also offers those who take up the challenge of leading the programmes an extra level of stretch that creates value for them and brings depth to the programme that an external facilitator just can’t match.

What we do

We believe there is huge power in leader-led development. We build elements of this into all of our programmes with senior leaders providing leadership in the form of coaching and mentoring to support workplace activation of learning.  ‘Leading from within’ our workshops senior leaders have a singular opportunity to position context, share stories, offer constructive provocation and demonstrate the kind of leadership authenticity they expect of their people.

Our ‘Frontrunner’ approach takes this to another level as we develop an organisation’s own leaders, not just their learning and development team, to lead large scale interventions. The Frontrunner approach is called that because the leaders who take up the challenge to lead their peers aren’t positioned as professional facilitators or subject matter experts. We get them to think of themselves as frontrunners, leaders who are just ahead on the road of development.

A Frontrunner-led programme begins with a deep development experience for the Frontrunners. This is as much about developing themselves as it is about learning the content and how to facilitate it. For many, the Frontrunner development programme alone is a transformational experience and that’s before they’ve even begun the journey of leading their peers!

Employing a Frontrunner approach works especially well for large scale programmes that utilse the TakeON! tools and resources. It allows us to work with programmes for hundreds of leaders at one time and offers organisations a cost effective solution that delivers maximum impact and value.

Video case study

Watch the client case study video on New Zealand Post’s ‘Activate’ Frontrunner Programme below.

If you’re interested in more detail you can read the full case study here.


What clients say

The blend of technology, face to face workshops and coaching and support back in the workplace from their 1-up leaders is really effective

Peter Taylor - Head of Learning & Development - New Zealand Post

Witnessing first-hand the transformations of my frontrunner buddies was the catharsis that was necessary to shine a spotlight on my misconceptions of the people around me. There is so much meta-learning embedded within the workshops that I was completely blind to before my participation

Frontrunner Programme Participant - New Zealand Post

The Facilitation workshop was fabulous and they all walked away with greater confidence, an understanding of what makes great facilitation and some great practical skills

Stephanie Mears, Business Improvement Director - Bay Audiology