Why is it important

Blacksmith is proud to be the New Zealand Business Partner for TakeON!

TakeON! is a system of leader-led tools and resources for improving business performance that gets people working together on what matters most.

TakeON! works on the proven premise that when people generate their own ideas, they are more likely to own and implement them, and that an organisation’s leaders are the best people to drive that ideation process on a daily basis with their direct teams.

Imagine people across your organisation coming together regularly for structured conversations about what’s already working, what could be improved, and how they can each contribute. Dozens of suggestions are generated and acted upon immediately in every team. The power comes not from a single silver bullet, but in creating a culture of constant incremental improvement.


The ON2net

An integral part of the TakeON! system is the ON2net community. It’s an established, fully supported web-based platform from which you can access a diverse range of tools and resources. Designed to support TakeON! delivery, the dynamic ON2net community enables ongoing support and virtual coaching by Blacksmith online.

What we do

TakeON! enables conversations at leader level or across an entire organisation that create a fundamental culture shift based on trust, inclusion and action. The conversations focus people on the specific challenges that teams and organisations face every day, creating opportunity and empowerment to address them immediately from their place of expertise and experience. This creates quick wins that build confidence and momentum for improved engagement and performance.

We use the TakeON! tools as resources to build into our bespoke leadership interventions to leverage programme learnings quickly and deliver immediate, tangible business value. The leader-led conversation system that TakeON! tools provide supports leaders in activating their increased awareness, confidence and capability by giving them ‘plug and play’ guides to create action oriented conversations with their teams.

We work to transfer capability for working with the TakeON! tools to the organisation itself so that they can enjoy sustainable momentum without needing us for support. Our role then becomes supporting the internal programme manager and leadership team with on-going roll out.

Video case study

Watch the client case study video on AJ Park’s ‘ACE’ Client Services Programme below.

If you’re interested in more detail you can read the full case study here.


What clients say

Blacksmith was very easy to work with. They were able to relate easily to staff at all levels and brought infectious enthusiasm and energy to the workshop sessions. The tools, including the ON2Net, were exactly what we needed to drive through the engagement to the re-brand from our brand champions and ultimately to all staff and partners

Pete Boyle, Chief Executive, AJ Park

It was fabulous. The experience got us to talk to each other. It got us to go down rabbit holes we never even knew were there. We learned so much about each other as a Lead Team. And we were able to share those stories with our teams and connect them in a way that was really personal

Maureen Brown, HR Manager - DTL New Zealand

I was preparing (last minute) for a meeting today and needed some ideas and resources to use for the discussion. With the ON2net, I was able to quickly search and find ideas and materials that were EXACTLY right to structure a great conversation with the team! Thank you, ON2net, for being so easy to use, for having info readily available - when I need it/how I need it, and for the great wealth of conversations from the community

ON2net User